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From September 22 to 24, the University of Pennsylvania hosted the Palestine Writes Festival on campus. The event featured speakers with a history of promoting antisemitism. Despite concerns raised by Jewish students and organizations, Penn President Liz Magill and the university administration chose to proceed with the conference. We are exposing the hate that was permited under the guise of Palestinian literature.


Roger Waters

“From his job there, he wrote letters home to my grandmother, Granny Waters. And in a number of which, that I now have, and in a number of them he mentions that fact that he is deeply worried about what is going on. He’s deeply worried about the influx of money and other things. And he’s worried about the indigenous - about the Palestinian population in Palestine.” (Speaking about how his dad taught in school in Jerusalem)

Tom Suarez

“I think the main point – and something else that needs to be stated over, and over, and over again – is that the Zionist movement needs antisemitism in reality or at least the, the appearance of it. Zionism is addicted to antisemitism. Without antisemitism, or the appearance of it, there will be no more, no need for the claims of the Israeli state. Now, I think that if you, if you deprive the state of that, if you, if you look at all the statistics coming out of the ADL, etc., of antisemitism, you'll see that every quarter, how ever they issue a new statement. There has never, in my memory never been, ‘Ah, great news: antisemitism has leveled off this quarter.’ Every quarter is worse, and worse, and worse and worse.”

Lorna Munro

“Prisoners in concentration camps wore yellow armbands, now these same people hold a monopoly over politically divided lands.”

Dana Dajani

“When your IDF soldiers are toasting l’chaim, Palestinian children are dying”

Dana Dajani

You orphan-making orphans because you have never known the sanctuary of a home, and it’s no wonder you want our land for your own.”

Viet Nguyen

“9/11 gave the United States the opportunity to see that what was happening to Americans was not unique. But instead, I think most Americans followed the political leadership and interpreted 9/11 as something singularly, uniquely devastating for Americans when in fact it was something that Americans were doing to other people for centuries.

Salman Abusitta

“So, when we are clear about the land and the law, let us talk about the people, either the refugees, or the occupants of our country: the European Jews today. Now, first the refugees. We know where they are. We know in which camp they are found, and the 4-5 areas of UNRWA. And we have complete identification of that. We know where the 9 million Palestinian refugees are located. So, we then have to ask the second question: Who lives in their land? Who lives - the settlers from Europe.

Salman Abusitta

“Gaza is the place where the concentration camps is, is a permanent structure – where the concentration camps are not during World War but for 75 years.”

Tom Suarez

“Let's take the Haganah, which was supposed to be a defensive institution and defensive militia. What was the first thing that it did? The first thing that the Haganah did in 1924 was assassinate a, a Jew, because he was vocally anti-Zionist. Jews had their houses blown-up, their cars blown up, assassinated during the Mandate period because they vocally opposed Zionism. Now, the result of this fast-forward a few decades. The result of this, in my view, was that it has created a cult; it has created a psychosis. And unfortunately for whatever the, the amoral political reasons of the so-called West, we have embraced this psychosis; we become part of it. To me, the thing we need to do is to expose this.”